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Continuous incontinuity [French chocolate cupcakes with White chocolate Ganache.]

I read something today that made me peek through my fingers. You see, I have shut my eyes. They have been shut for approx. 2 months now. Squeezed so tightly to ignore the world and it’s comings & goings. I … Continue reading

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photos prises cool sur mon appareil photo

(google translate. I dare ya o; )

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The first stage of recovery is to admit to the problem. Hi, my name is Mel and I’m addicted to ….

I am not known for my patience. The only thing I am remotely patience about is baking. That’s it. That is all you are getting. Pish. Don’t look at me like that. I bake you things. Hmph. On Thursday, as … Continue reading

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Rhubarb pie, mist and my wittyness is currently on hold.

Rhubarb pie. Yes, I finally got around to using the Rhubarb that Dearest Mum got. Actually, I used it a few days. It turns out that Karl and Ness aren’t that fussed on Rhubarb pie. Indifferent. So I ended up … Continue reading

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CHOCOLATE MILK can go die.

Okay. Well, today was the first (half) day of the year for college/high school. Chocolate milk…  I don’t want to hear that name again. It’s karma.  I’m telling you.  (Karma…ness! Kama… ness! Geddit??  :D :D so exciting)

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Tea!!! (nom :))

I ❤ Tea. English Breakfast Tea. Mmmmm… tea tastes good. So good I probably drink too much of it :/…. but I can’t help it! OMG TEA! (I’m drinking a cup of tea while writing this LOL) Alright, just how much … Continue reading

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Sometime I wonder. If feet smelled like chocolate, would we like them more? Would we go around asking people to sniff our feet? Or would we shun them from existence once again and shove them into too tight shoes. I … Continue reading

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