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Drowning in air.

Sometimes my reading between the lines is correct. I’m right even when I don’t want to be. Everyone has those moments. I was right. I am right. Boyfriend broke up with me. He’s no longer in love with me. I’m … Continue reading

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Valentines day! Almost a week late. I know, I’m a slacker BUT IT’S OKAY! I HAVE COOKIES! ..which I ate. Sorry.

This year’s valentines day was 1 part sadness, 2 parts happiness and 30 parts cookies. It was my friends birthday. She would of been 23. Born on the day of love, chocolate, greeting cards, flowers and of chocolate cake. Would … Continue reading

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The sun? Is called Jeff. This is a fact.

Today the weather was playing nicely. I was going to be two hours late at arriving at boyfriend’s place. The bus was going at a speed would make a static eggplant look fast. The sun was shining. Shiny shiny shiny … Continue reading

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