Artyness :D

Ness here. I know.  It’s weird.

Dad has been taking us (by us I mean myself amd Karl) to art classes.

2 and a half hours of pure freedom from homework, pottering around in a class and making cups of tea. :) <3

It also spells out one thing-  M O N E Y.

For this painting I scored 20 bucks off dad (Be mindful he also payed for a bajillion canvases, new paint, photos to use, and the cost of art classes)

1) is taken off a magazine (WHOOPS) and is of a panda with the same markings as Jean Simmons off of Kiss. (Markings equalled probably P H O T O S H O P P E D)

^ A better resolution photo is of this one:

Do you see the signage on the right hand corner? OH MY GOD I AM IN LOVE WITH SIGNAGE.

Father was pretty much begging for the name Van.C  (Yeah. No.) but arguably it sounded far too like Van Gogh for my liking. Another painting I am rather partial too (number 2) is one I have painted of my eye. It’s not perfect, but it’s damn well pretty and took less than two hours to paint.(It is however actually rather frightening when waking up and finding an eye staring at you.)

Dad (the silly man) has a strong dislike of the strand of hair covering my eye.

Number 3- Me, Mellykins and Karlisle at a young age.

Please don’t look at my brother. I know, Karl looks like he has eyeliner. I know, he looks sunburnt. (Trust me, it’s on the UNFINISHED label for a reason. UNFINISHED meaning far from ever making it onto canvas ;D)

There is one good side to this painting though.  Kittyface.


Ack. It’s just too cute.   ——–>

Number 4)  is one father showed me. Initially it was a Chinese paper cutting, now turned painting. This turned problematic due to the finite detail in the papercutting, which was funnily enough printed at twice the size as my canvas meaning I had to paint and reduce it into DOUBLE FINITE. Father decided doing detailed work was more beneficial than my norm- (two hours of slapping paint on a canvas, chucking different colours everywhere and declaring it ‘finished’)


This is what happened on one of the earlier painting sessions. I did not have a photo so I was basically doing my slap paint and hope it works routine.

She (this adorable old woman painter tutor that always has a cup of tea and a biscuit in hand who joins my father in coversation to discuss the best way to grow orchids and to talk about the good old days of music. Yes. Old people) fixed me up with a picture and thus:

SHIPS.  Note that this is unfinished and my camera was being a poo with the flash. I hate flash sometimes! (It is belooooow a bit)

So the moral of the story is I love mum’s proper camera.

But my camera’s flash kind of sucks sometimes.

It takes pretty face pictures but DESTROYS (and I do literally mean destroys) a painting.


:)  Love from Ness

14 and still kickin’.

One day when I grow old and I am a film director and an artist and a linguist and a lawyer and teacher and owner of a PIE com…famous you will look at this blog and think. Oh my! I remember that young girl from those good old days of acrylic and oil paint.


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The spots on the concrete are fleeting.
They will disappear slowly but surely.
This is what I expect of them.
They are not.
They stay and grow.
To a point where they merge with each other.
Overlap till the point when they are one.
They hunger. Try and claim new territory.
The wind helps them along in this conquest.
Part of this new territory is the small circle I am sitting in.
The wind sweeps over, the rain invades.
I forget my inner battle.
All of my thoughts are concentrated on the attack of the rain.
The worries and the woes that plagued me are swept away.
I am left.
Just me.
I am alive.
A battle between a girl and the elements over the possession of her heat.
A girl waiting for the promise of  dry and the comfort of being safe.
Waiting for a ride that will take her home.
Locked in an elemental war.
A girl.
Nothing more, nothing less.

xo Mel.

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Here I am singing a song in my sleep.

Today I woke up singing a song.
I’m not even joking, the entirety of the dream night of Mel had that same song playing over and over again.
Universe, if you are trying to tell me something can you please play the song again?
I have forgotten it already.
Universe – 0. Goldfish memory – 1.

There is another advantage to this goldfish memory of mine.
Whenever I walk into the kitchen I see the cake and then I remember that I have cake!
This is also forgetting that fact that I was the one that baked the cake and I have had that particular cake before.

Mmmm Pandan Chiffon cake.
This particular cake is a wee bit denser than what it should be.
I blame the egg whites.

As you can see in the photo in the left.
When I was beating the egg whites and after I had finished adding in all of the sugar, the egg mixture wasn’t as stiff as it should be however it was super super shiny so I thought it would still be okay.

No! It is not okay.

The rest of the cake.
Of which there is less than half left.

Omnomnomnom cake!

Oooo! Do you know what I remembered?

Mmmmm cake. <3

xo Mel.

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The place already feels cleaner*.

I love dunkin’ doughnuts.
They are a special treat when we are going past the airport. C:
So we rarely have them.
This is good or else I would have to roll.

This is not the only thing that Mum brought back for me. Do you remember the pandan chiffon cake spillage? Whewlp, mum has a decided to take matters into her own hands. DO YOU SEE HOW BIG THAT PAN IS?! SWOON! Iloveyoumum. <3

Also? Clearly this means that I should make more Pandan Chiffon cakes. A lot more.

Mum also clearly wants me to make cookies in the shape of butterflies and moths.
You see? These are cookie cutters that tickle my fancy.
Yes, the way through to my heart is through moth shaped cookie cutters.

It’s not just through Moth shaped cookie cutters either. There was a lot of pronouncing my undying love to her once I saw this. 

I swooned. Quite literally SWOONED! I guess Mum wants Pandan Chiffon cake, biscuits and pastries!
I am much obligated Mum!

Then I got distracted.
Which, we know it hard to do considering the lovely lovely stroking worthy baking objects pictured above.
You see, one of Mum’s friends Bing designs and makes jewelery. Bing was also kind and thoughtful and lovely to send Ness and I a necklace each.

Does it get much better than this? I think not!

And, you know my love affair with dots and Black and White is ever lasting.
The chain is also super long and has the most awesome clasp!* I didn’t managed to get a picture of Ness’s one but I think I can safely speak for both of us when I say

A picture of how long the necklace is.
Also a picture showing a very tired Mel.
A very tired now currently sick Mel.
Karl is also sick. In fact I got my sickness from him and from the other very helpful people at University.
Thank you people at university!

Also, Auntie Soon Boon gave me a very pretty mirror, so Thank you very much!





Ah! I forgot. As well as Mum brought us doughnuts to eat, she also brought us doughnut cell phone charms!
(Thank you Wai Po!)

Heehee! Foam doughnuts!
This tickles my heart to an extraordinary amount!
Said doughnut is now hanging off my collected cellphone charms.
Heehee, you see? I have already taken a bite out of it. It did not taste as nice as I thought.

xo Mel.

*Karl actually said this within the first 10 or so mins of when Mum was back. It’s so true.
**I couldn’t actually take a picture of the clasp because the camera refused to focus on it. Silly Camera. It knows perfectly well that it ought to behave.

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Bread! Plus making noises.

Mel make you food Y U NO LISTEN?

True fact. Yes, I did actually say that when No one responded.
No one!

I made them bread. Actually bread bread, toasted sandwiches, a barrage of noises emitted from my mouth and the joy of listening to several conversations between the cat & I in meows.

Plus? They listened to the bread scream as I mangled it.
Turns out I can not cut bread straight.
At all.
Here is the bread before the mangling.

Look how perfect and innocent  it is!

It has no idea what lies in store for it.

The shock!
The horror!


Huh, the bread looks almost bouncy in this picture. I am tempted. Oh so so tempted.

It started off great. Look at the beautiful bread cut!
Look how soft and wonderful it is!

Look how perfect I seem to be sawing it off!

I was all like beeping and such at how perfect it was looking!

Then I looked at the bigger picture.



Slanted is not good.

Slanted is really not good.

Slanted is the first sign on the road to mangled.

I travelled along that road.
The mangling bread road.

I survived.

The bread did not.

All through out this? There was lots and lots of noises.
Running around the house and dancing.

My bread has holes.
A giant hole.

Mangled and hole-y?
Did I mention that it is wonky? As in one side is bigger than the other?

I cut my bread in a creative fashion.

At least the bread making part was easy. Just dump everything in the bread maker and push a few buttons. I like buttons. I also like the fact that the entire time my hands were clean because I did not need to knead it.

Mmm clean hands and hot bread with butter.

xo Mel.

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I have decided that I want a button.
One of those blog button-y things.

I’m seriously serious here.
Seriously serious.

xo Mel.

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The weight in the air PLUS! Being fancy.

There is a heaviness in the air.
Something pressing down and making it hard to breathe.
Breathing, for me is hard.
Being okay is a challenge.
I can do it, I have been doing it.
The moment I feel that I can simply not do it anymore, like really honestly not do it anymore – is the moment I go back into therapy.*
The rain was falling down hard. Crashing down into the ground.
It’s eased up somewhat since there but there is still that feeling in the air.
Of heaviness. Of unleashing. Of out pouring.
Memories of that linger still.

I like being fancy.

See? Fancy.
Chicken curry on top of chunks of cumin spiced potato. Sour cream as an after thought.
I grabbed the recipe from this book right here – Master Chef NZ.
Being fancy distracts me.
I really do like being fancy.

I’ve already changed my nail polish twice already. It’s not even 6pm. I’m trying to study. I am not very good at this studying stuff. In fact, I get bored easily. Too easily. I try not to eat when I’m studying because then I’ll eat and eat and eat. Chocolate? I won’t even bother breaking bits off I will just start munching on the block.
When I am not eating and trying to study? I stare at my hands. At my nail polish. Hmmmm. I wonder what colour I should paint them next! Paint them, add glitter and then look at them a second time. Hmmmm. I don’t actually like this.
Ohwell, Time to change!
This may or maybe be happening right now.

This is one of the latest nail polishes I have bought.
It’s a ‘greige’ colour that are apparently in.
Honestly speaking, it’s okay.
I picked it because I don’t have a colour like that in my current collection.

It’s a creme.
I have a thing against cremes.
No glitter.
No foil.
No shimmer.
Cremes bore me a bit.
By a bit, I mean a lot.
I forget this. Often.

However, the disappointment of forgetting I dislike cremes was over shadowed by the other things I bought on Saturday.

This bag? I GOT FOR LESS THAN $2!
YES!! HUZZARH!! W00t!!

I know! I also says that it is water proof.
Also light weight, so I can stick it inside my hunk of junk bag and use it to cart around books whilst leaving my bigger bag into a storage locker.

I love outlet malls.
I really love outlet malls.

Outlet malls = sale.
Sale = happiness.
Sale = excuse to buy clothing.

Not just buying clothes but it means that I can buy basic simple clothes in several different colours.

Options people.
I like options.

So, it should come to no shock to you that I bought the same basic top in three different colours.

In two different shades of grey as well to boot.

1 shade of grey is not enough anymore.


I know. I’m one of those crazy -light grey- and -dark grey- people now.
That’s just how I roll.

I’m also one of those people who realise how much they really hate running when they are midway through a run.


My brain is a ornament.



Now, I have to go be boring and study.
By study I mean trying not to eat the dark peppermint chocolate.
Also? Means more running.

xo Mel.

*I’m not talking about my infrequent frequent breaks down which is more lying on the floor until I get the strength to pick myself back up again which I don’t talk about on here. Not that but something more than ‘not being okay’.

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