This a blog that is upkept by three siblings.
The eldest Mel, who needs a place to unleash her opinions.
The middle child Karl, who needs something to keep him from being bored.
and Nessa, the youngest who wants to show the world from a camera lens.

Mel is busy at University trying not to blow it up and aquiring mad chemistry skills. Karl is at highschool trying to whin scholarships. Ness is also at highschool busy word jousting with the teachers.

All three of them live in the sheep-a-fied New Zealand!

The blog is mostly Mel talking about herself to herself.

xo Mel.


2 Responses to About

  1. Uncle SH says:

    I saw only you posting, without the magic words of piercing, etc etc.

    Yeah, you may be living in New Sheepland, but the closest sheep is miles away from your house.


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