Kitchen Rage of the fudge sort.

Dear Fudge recipe,
I know that we haven’t been hanging out a lot lately and I’ve changed a bit.
You were still my go to recipe for Russian fudge though.
We had some amazing times together!
So what happened?
What happened to you?
To us?
Twice you have failed on me. TWICE.
4 litres of fudge!
I ended up on google asking where on earth my fudge went wrong.
The solution? To try to salvage it by reheating, adding icing sugar and then beating again. It got to the point where the electric beater was actually overheating and the mixture still wasn’t where I wanted it.
So I poured it into the pan and left it.
Even now, a decent 12 hours later, the underside is still soft.
I followed all of the instructions that you said and still?

I am less than impressed with you.
In fact, I am so less than impressed with you that I am going to find another recipe.
That is right.
Do you hear me now?

You have ruined our relationship Russian Fudge Recipe.
Literally ruined it.
To the point of where Google has no clue how to fix it.
It is that serious.

We are over.

Your-soon-to-be-ex Mel.

(I finally got the second batch to set and even now it’s still on the soft side.)


About kamaness

Hi! I'm Mel. I run Kamaness with my two siblings Karl and Ness. Not that they post. It's pretty much just me talking about myself to myself.
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2 Responses to Kitchen Rage of the fudge sort.

  1. jillsmo says:

    That’s not right, fudge.

    Not right.

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