We all know Mel likes to go shopping.

We all know that Mel likes to shop and that she goes through shopping phases.
For the last little while it’s been nail polish.
Now she has a new thing she wants to collect.
Animal rings.

Owl ring!
All the rings that I have bought of Ebay have been less than $4USD each.

Actually, this owl ring is mildly annoying to wear. It’s very easy to twist around my finger.
(Owl ring cost? $0.25USD! No joke! The rest was shipping. DX)

But wait!
There is more!

I couldn’t decide which ring colour I wanted.
So I did what I thought was obvious.
I bought both.

My hands! With the rings on!

Oh? Did I mention that I have already bought a Fox ring and I am just waiting for it to arrive?
No? Well, now you know.

But! The ring I really, really want isn’t an octopus ring or an owl ring it’s a JELLYFISH RING!!

There is a slight problem with the Jellyfish ring. The only Jellyfish ring that I actually like costs $2100 USD. Ouch!
But one day, this amazing jellyfish ring will be mine!

The animal rings aren’t the only new things that I have bought.
You see, mum is a Nutrimetics consultant.
Sometimes Nutrimetics also sells bags.
Mel needs a new bag.
Do you see where this is going?
Huzzarh! New bag for Mel! Only $10!

(Of which Mum gave me for free. <3)

Huzzarh! I actually really like that bag.
It’s big enough for my day-to-day things. Of which I have a lot of.

Of course I couldn’t not buy nail polish.
What sort of world would that be if I didn’t?
A very sad world indeed.
Considering that I only have 1 red nail polish in 30+ nail polishes, I decided that now was the time to get into the reds.

Speaking of nail polish! Did I ever mention that the holographic nail polish had arrived? No? I am shocked and horrified at myself on your behalf.

Behold! It is actually rainbowtastic!
The camera does not capture it in all of it’s holographic glory.

Holographic nail polish wasn’t a waste of money!
It’s kind of difficult to apply but that apparently plagues even the best holographic nail polishes.

Shopping hasn’t been the only thing that I have been doing. There has been lots of baking as well.
Currently I have 4 litres of unset fudge. 1 batch is half set but the first batch? Gone burger. I have no idea where I have gone wrong. This has induced much kitchen rage.
I will post about this later to fully vent out my kitchen rage in letter form.

Okay, I am off. I have a batch of hot cross buns waiting to put in the oven and a coffee cake to bake in the morning.

Happy easter (and the like!)

xo Mel.


About kamaness

Hi! I'm Mel. I run Kamaness with my two siblings Karl and Ness. Not that they post. It's pretty much just me talking about myself to myself.
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2 Responses to We all know Mel likes to go shopping.

  1. Colie says:

    I am totally drawn to the owl jewellery!!

    I know of this kitchen rage of which you speak and have been known to punch pies and smash cheesecakes. I say beat the crap out of the fudge with your bare hands and you will feel alllllllll bettow :)

    • kamaness says:

      I am too! I’m an avid Ebay sufer which turns out isn’t so good for my bank balance.

      Those biatches are going down!
      Heehee! I did do that. There was lots of smashing of the pan trying to get rid of the air bubbles that plagued me.
      Awwww <3 The fudge is as sweet as you are.

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