Spamming you with pictures.

This time last week (Sunday, not Monday.) I was frockling around being GINNY WEASLEY.
Note- I had two of those V- shot energy drinks, so I really was running around smiling widely and pestering people for photos.
My other fellow Gryff’s was CADDLES as HERMONIE and SYILL as CHO CHANG.
(But you know, Cho Chang totally stole Harry Potter’s scarf.)
Somewhere in that barrage of photos is one of me and another fine chap with his fringe held up. HARRY POTTER BABY! Oooohh yeah.
Ness in the sumo-suit was one of my highlights. In particular when she couldn’t actually get up. The really small kid whose was also in the sumo suit was the cutest thing I have seen. <3
Now I will spam you with pictures. C:

xo Mel.


About kamaness

Hi! I'm Mel. I run Kamaness with my two siblings Karl and Ness. Not that they post. It's pretty much just me talking about myself to myself.
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