Artyness :D

Ness here. I know.  It’s weird.

Dad has been taking us (by us I mean myself amd Karl) to art classes.

2 and a half hours of pure freedom from homework, pottering around in a class and making cups of tea. :) <3

It also spells out one thing-  M O N E Y.

For this painting I scored 20 bucks off dad (Be mindful he also payed for a bajillion canvases, new paint, photos to use, and the cost of art classes)

1) is taken off a magazine (WHOOPS) and is of a panda with the same markings as Jean Simmons off of Kiss. (Markings equalled probably P H O T O S H O P P E D)

^ A better resolution photo is of this one:

Do you see the signage on the right hand corner? OH MY GOD I AM IN LOVE WITH SIGNAGE.

Father was pretty much begging for the name Van.C  (Yeah. No.) but arguably it sounded far too like Van Gogh for my liking. Another painting I am rather partial too (number 2) is one I have painted of my eye. It’s not perfect, but it’s damn well pretty and took less than two hours to paint.(It is however actually rather frightening when waking up and finding an eye staring at you.)

Dad (the silly man) has a strong dislike of the strand of hair covering my eye.

Number 3- Me, Mellykins and Karlisle at a young age.

Please don’t look at my brother. I know, Karl looks like he has eyeliner. I know, he looks sunburnt. (Trust me, it’s on the UNFINISHED label for a reason. UNFINISHED meaning far from ever making it onto canvas ;D)

There is one good side to this painting though.  Kittyface.


Ack. It’s just too cute.   ——–>

Number 4)  is one father showed me. Initially it was a Chinese paper cutting, now turned painting. This turned problematic due to the finite detail in the papercutting, which was funnily enough printed at twice the size as my canvas meaning I had to paint and reduce it into DOUBLE FINITE. Father decided doing detailed work was more beneficial than my norm- (two hours of slapping paint on a canvas, chucking different colours everywhere and declaring it ‘finished’)


This is what happened on one of the earlier painting sessions. I did not have a photo so I was basically doing my slap paint and hope it works routine.

She (this adorable old woman painter tutor that always has a cup of tea and a biscuit in hand who joins my father in coversation to discuss the best way to grow orchids and to talk about the good old days of music. Yes. Old people) fixed me up with a picture and thus:

SHIPS.  Note that this is unfinished and my camera was being a poo with the flash. I hate flash sometimes! (It is belooooow a bit)

So the moral of the story is I love mum’s proper camera.

But my camera’s flash kind of sucks sometimes.

It takes pretty face pictures but DESTROYS (and I do literally mean destroys) a painting.


:)  Love from Ness

14 and still kickin’.

One day when I grow old and I am a film director and an artist and a linguist and a lawyer and teacher and owner of a PIE com…famous you will look at this blog and think. Oh my! I remember that young girl from those good old days of acrylic and oil paint.



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Hi! I'm Mel. I run Kamaness with my two siblings Karl and Ness. Not that they post. It's pretty much just me talking about myself to myself.
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