Here I am singing a song in my sleep.

Today I woke up singing a song.
I’m not even joking, the entirety of the dream night of Mel had that same song playing over and over again.
Universe, if you are trying to tell me something can you please play the song again?
I have forgotten it already.
Universe – 0. Goldfish memory – 1.

There is another advantage to this goldfish memory of mine.
Whenever I walk into the kitchen I see the cake and then I remember that I have cake!
This is also forgetting that fact that I was the one that baked the cake and I have had that particular cake before.

Mmmm Pandan Chiffon cake.
This particular cake is a wee bit denser than what it should be.
I blame the egg whites.

As you can see in the photo in the left.
When I was beating the egg whites and after I had finished adding in all of the sugar, the egg mixture wasn’t as stiff as it should be however it was super super shiny so I thought it would still be okay.

No! It is not okay.

The rest of the cake.
Of which there is less than half left.

Omnomnomnom cake!

Oooo! Do you know what I remembered?

Mmmmm cake. <3

xo Mel.


About kamaness

Hi! I'm Mel. I run Kamaness with my two siblings Karl and Ness. Not that they post. It's pretty much just me talking about myself to myself.
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2 Responses to Here I am singing a song in my sleep.

  1. jillsmo says:

    OMGCAKE!!! YAYYY!!! But why is it green?

    • kamaness says:

      It is green because I like the colour green!
      Also the pandan extract is green.
      All Pandan chiffon cakes are green on the inside and have that light brown colour on the outside.
      It’s a tickling heart thing. C:

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