Bread! Plus making noises.

Mel make you food Y U NO LISTEN?

True fact. Yes, I did actually say that when No one responded.
No one!

I made them bread. Actually bread bread, toasted sandwiches, a barrage of noises emitted from my mouth and the joy of listening to several conversations between the cat & I in meows.

Plus? They listened to the bread scream as I mangled it.
Turns out I can not cut bread straight.
At all.
Here is the bread before the mangling.

Look how perfect and innocentĀ  it is!

It has no idea what lies in store for it.

The shock!
The horror!


Huh, the bread looks almost bouncy in this picture. I am tempted. Oh so so tempted.

It started off great. Look at the beautiful bread cut!
Look how soft and wonderful it is!

Look how perfect I seem to be sawing it off!

I was all like beeping and such at how perfect it was looking!

Then I looked at the bigger picture.



Slanted is not good.

Slanted is really not good.

Slanted is the first sign on the road to mangled.

I travelled along that road.
The mangling bread road.

I survived.

The bread did not.

All through out this? There was lots and lots of noises.
Running around the house and dancing.

My bread has holes.
A giant hole.

Mangled and hole-y?
Did I mention that it is wonky? As in one side is bigger than the other?

I cut my bread in a creative fashion.

At least the bread making part was easy. Just dump everything in the bread maker and push a few buttons. I like buttons. I also like the fact that the entire time my hands were clean because I did not need to knead it.

Mmm clean hands and hot bread with butter.

xo Mel.


About kamaness

Hi! I'm Mel. I run Kamaness with my two siblings Karl and Ness. Not that they post. It's pretty much just me talking about myself to myself.
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2 Responses to Bread! Plus making noises.

  1. jillsmo says:

    Are you sure I didn’t respond? That’s the kind of thing I usually respond to

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