I’m insane but that’s okay because I made sausage buns!

As I have said before. (Maybe, I’m not sure. I’ve forgotten.)
Mum is currently in Malaysia.
By her self.
Us Kids? Are here in NZ. Something about having ‘school’ and ‘must attend’.
Pish, yeah sure.

There are several things I miss when I’m in NZ and not in Malaysia.
1) The Food. Things like Roti? Yeah, hard to find a good Roti in NZ. I blame the lack of Ghee.
2) The shopping. Shopping in Malaysia is amazing, the markets there? SWOON!
3) The heat. Yes, I do miss the heat sometimes. What? I get cold easily. In fact there already has been a noticeable drop in temperature already to which I have been wearing my winter coat constantly – outside, inside, in lecture, prancing around the house. Yep. Winter coat ON! (Even then, sometimes I am still cold with it on. I blame the lack of human heater as the cause.)
4) Malaysian family! Of course! Naturally! We only get to seem them every few years. (Facebook is helpful in this regard.)

When Mummydarling asks me what I wanted for her to bring back the first thing to my mind was PANDAN CHIFFON CAKE. Customs beg to differ.
Then it was ROTI CHENAI! Customs also beg to differ.
Finally I settled on SAUSAGE BUNS. Customs decided that it was evil and if mum did bring it over here, they would eat it!*
So I decided on Nail polish. I think, I’m unsure if I actually verbalised it to mum or I just thought it in my head.

I remember that the first thing I do when I first get off the plane at Singapore is to buy Sausage buns.**
I adore sausage buns.
Adore adore ADORE!

You may say, Mel! These are just sausage rolls with the pastry wrapped in a fancy shmachy way! My answer to you is no! It is different. The wrapping is much more bread like and less buttery/fatty.
Try it, they are different.
Oooooooo~ different!

This is the website where I have yoinked the recipe from.

Sausage Buns!

Important food stuffs that needed to make the base.
2 cups of flour.
1 tablespoon yeast.
2 egg.
1 1/2 tablespoon sugar.
1 1/2 tablespoon butter.
150 mls of warm milk.
5 sausages cut in half.

– Warm up milk in the microwave for approx. 1 minute.
– Dump everything in a bowl apart from the sausages, 1 egg and sesame seeds.
– Mix! Until all of the ingredients are nicely mixed together.
– Dust the top of the dough with a bit of flour. Leave it in a warm dry place for an hour until it has doubled in sized.
– Cook the sausages and cut them in half.
– Knead the dough again to get rid of the air.
– Cut the dough up to as many pieces of sausages you have. (ie – 10.)
– Roll the pieces of dough into a long worm shape.
– Wrap the piece of sausage with a piece of the rolled out dough.

– Put them on a tray, cover them with a tea towel and leave them for 20 minutes.
-Preheat the oven to 180 or 355.
– Eggwash the sausage buns and sprinkle sesame seeds.
– Pop them in the oven for roughly 15-20 minutes or until they are golden brown.

I taste tested them and I do have to say that these differ from the original. The original is much more sweeter and much less bready. They aren’t too much different and they still do bear the underlying taste that is present in the original.

What I really do love? Is the fact that these are a nice alternative to Sausage rolls plus these are SUPER AWESOME in lunch boxes.

Plus the Insane bit? If we go by Einstein’s definition of ‘Insane’ then I am insane. So insane that I should be locked away somewhere. I have sausage buns. I hope that makes up for the fact that you are reading what an insane person wrote.

Also? I was thinking of making a cake.
So, what sort of cake do you want, people of the internet?
I’m up for anything.

xo Mel.

*I have no idea what happens to all of the food that is confiscated. The idea of them throwing it all away? Hmmm. :/ That doesn’t look good. So I like to think that they have a party every day with the confiscated food! Like a shared morning tea but with you know, interesting and confiscated food.

**Usually I am beyond starving at this point because plane food is disgusting and the smell of them heating up the plane food drives me to hide out in the toilet stalls.
Also? I am sorry for the people who need to use the bathroom on the plane and then plane contains me.


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6 Responses to I’m insane but that’s okay because I made sausage buns!

  1. whatsaysyou says:

    I used to eat loads of that when I was a kid and now, thanks to you, I so want one. They all look delicious and I wish I could have one with a bottle of tomato sauce ready next to me now :)

    • kamaness says:

      I ate a lot of them when I’m back in Malaysia. I think last time I was back there I gained something like 7kgs!
      I would send one via the internet if I could. ;)
      Heehee, that is what I had for dinner.
      Just think, if you make them now, you get to fall asleep with the smell of sausage buns through out the house.

  2. Aunty says:

    I miss the baking in Singapore and Malaysia too T_T
    I have a recipe for pandan chiffon cake if you want it…I might have a cake tin for it too~

    • kamaness says:

      And the bakerys.
      Damn, they are so very very good.
      The curry puffs!
      Ooooo yes please! I am always on the look out for new pandan chiffon cake recipes.

  3. jillsmo says:

    You ARE insane.

    I like it.

    • kamaness says:

      I am glad someone does!
      It is nice to know that my insanity actually does something useful apart from you know, making me insane.

      Jillsmo of the ice cream variety.

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