Exciting news! + Mel addicted? No. Never.

I have exciting news! I no longer have a need to be squinty to read the power points at my lectures.

Only now? I have no excuse if I fall asleep in class, in fact I should be paying more attention because I no longer have the excuse of the extra time spent squinting to try to figure out what on earth the black squiggly things spell.

Also? I maybe have accidentally already temporarily lost them within the first 5 hours they were in my possession.
You see, I walked into with my philosophy lecture with the bag that contained the glasses in hand and by the time I walked out of the philosophy lecture, the bag was still sitting where I left it. I rushed off to a tutorial then I rushed off to another lecture. As soon as I entered my phys lecture I noticed something was off. No glasses! Bugger. So I ran around University trying to remember where I had left them 2 hours earlier.
I managed to disturb 1 film lecture and another lecture in my frantic gallivanting about.
I did find them in the end which is good. Very, very good.

Moral of it all? Mel has the memory span of a goldfish* and would lose her own head if it wasn’t attached onto her body. **

See! See! Two different frames as well.

What? You thought I was going to get the same frame for both of the glasses?
Pish no.
Where is the fun in that?


You want close up of Mel’s face wearing the glasses to see what they look like on?


I haven’t actually decided which pair of glasses I like better.

I mean, one is metal but that pair of glasses (The bottom ones) the lenses brush up against my eyelashes.
According to the assistant my eyelashes can actually lightly scratch the lenses!
In particular if I had paid the extra for the ‘ultra clear’ lenses. Which are basically non-reflective.

Mummy shook her head because I got black frames again. You see? Washing machine glasses were white. The only reason as to why I didn’t get the black pair was because Mum told me that I should switch it up a bit. Now, I am un-switching it back by TWO black frames.

Yum. Black.

Also! Look what came in the mail today! At the same time! I actually brought them from two different Ebay sellers and they both arrived at the same time.
I am impressed.
I also couldn’t decide which colour I wanted to wear so I did both.
My left hand is done in red and my right hand is done in blue.
(China Glaze red Pump and For Audrey.)

The formula for the red is the best ever.

Also? I might be a tad obsessed about buying nail polish. All of that within oh, about less than 6 months. That is not including the China Glazes and another two nail polishes I bought the other day.

I really do like buying nail polishes.
Okay, so maybe I like buying things in general and I had to talk myself out of buying a pair of $260 shoes. Those shoes? SWOON!
Serious swoon.
The fainting type of swoon.
Oh yes, that is how serious the swoon is.

Now, I shall seriously swoon onto my bed.
I hear that this sleeping thing is wonderful.

xo Mel

*Once when I was little I managed to lose 5 jumpers in the space of a week. Mum was less than impressed with little Mel. I had to search the lost property box a lot and even then we only found 3? of the 5. I think. Not a lot has changed, only now I (sometimes) have to pay for the jumpers and if I lose them? It is not only just Mum being not impressed with me, I am also not impressed with myself. Turns out being less than impressed with yourself is not fun.
**Please don’t try to remove my head from my body to test this theory. D:


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Hi! I'm Mel. I run Kamaness with my two siblings Karl and Ness. Not that they post. It's pretty much just me talking about myself to myself.
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4 Responses to Exciting news! + Mel addicted? No. Never.

  1. the glasses with the thin frame look gorgeous on you!

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