Retail therapy of the Chanel Nail Polish kind.

The past week have been tough.
Between having my heart-broken, going back to Uni, depression and being unable to get a restful night sleep, I am shattered.
Already the work is starting to pile up.

There is only one thing that is going to bring me out of this funk*.

Retail therapy.
I love shopping.
I love shopping so much that I plan on seducing a (single) Russian billionaire just so I can shop and have oodles of money but mostly so I can shop a lot.
Oooo and so once a month I can go –
“Hmmmm, I’m a bit sick of my (1 of many) living rooms I’m going to rip out all of the furnishing and redo the entire thing!”
My poor Russian husband is going to come home after his business trips and be all “WTF?! MEL, ARE YOU SURE THIS IS OUR HOUSE?”
“Yes darling! It is! See? This is our house number!”
“But wasn’t our (1 of many) living rooms over there? <Gesturing to his left>”
“Oh about that darling, well you see. It’s a long story and I might have gotten bored so I might have taken a few walls down and then I might have made a mess so I might have hired some guys to fix the place up whilst you were away and I might of then had to redecorated the entire thing and I might have gone over budget.
Might have. Might have.
Did you see our new washing machine(s)?! They have silver nano particles!

Yep, that’s right. This conversation is going to happen with my future husband Russian billionaire. Nano particles make my heart thump. <3 In a good way not a I’ve just sprinted up stairs and my heart is racing. Honestly. That sucks. Nano particles? MMM yum.

Where was I?
Oh yes.
Retail therapy.

I love Chanel.
No questions asked.
(So there might questions like
“How much is it?”
“…Can I please have a discount?”
“Can I work here? I can bake and make tea and stuff. PLEASEPLEASEPLEASE!”
those kinds of questions.)

I found out from the nice Chanel lady on friday that I chatted up (read – sweet talked her. ) into giving out information early about the next sale which was on today.

A whole 15% off! I even still get points on my card! I love points on my card! I don’t know what I can actually use them for but seriously. Points on my card. So there.
Not only did I get points on my card AND 15% I ALSO GOT THE LAST BOTTLE!
That’s right.
I talked the Chanel woman into giving me the last bottle that she wanted to buy for herself.
(I think, at least it really seemed that way but then again she works in the Chanel booth/stall/thing be all rights she would have access to it first and discounts.
You know what? Chanel booth/stall/thing people? Call me. You can pay me in nail polish. I don’t mind. I will do so happily.)

After the bottle of pure joy and swoon worthy-ness was safety in my unpainted nails I left the store and went outside.
Do you know what I did?
I parked my arse on a bench outside and did my nails.
Apparently that’s some what a rare sight and people stopped and stared.
I was too busy screaming with joy inside of my brain to care.

I can not stop staring at my nails.
So shiny. With teal micro particles. Colour changing.
It makes me want to buy so much more Chanel nail polish.

I did however manage to stop looking at my nails long enough to pop to the optometrist and get my eyes checked. Turns out that my left eye hasn’t changed ( still -2.25) but my right eye has gotten worse. (Now -2.50, used to be -2.25.)

I wooed the optometrist by being chirpy and warm. Sssh, I can be when I want too. Then I wooed the optometrist’s assistant.
They didn’t give me a discount.**
Still, I got an awesome deal. I got two pairs of lenses, frames and an eye exam for $333NZD. Which is insanly awesome. Last time I went to my (old) optometrist just my frames cost $300 on discount. Discount!

So! Even if I drop my glasses in the washing machine again I will have a spare one that I can still read the board with.
I really hope I don’t do that again.

I did manage to impress both the optometrist and his assistant with my washing machine glasses story. I am proud of that. Laughing at my expense, ah well doesn’t everyone? I very nearly wrote the web address to the blog with big signs saying ‘VISIT HERE!’ ‘I’M A HOOT!’ ‘YOU CAN LAUGH AT ME MORE!’ on the slip of paper they gave us with some questions but I didn’t.
It was very close though.

So, in two weeks time I will have two pairs of new glasses.
Brand spanking new.
This means pictures.
Lots and lots of pictures.
Internet, you are going to drown in pictures of my new glasses.
Serious, serious picture-taking and posting.

Mmmm new.

xo Mel.

* At least for a little while.
** Note to self – do more eye fluttering and hair twirling.


About kamaness

Hi! I'm Mel. I run Kamaness with my two siblings Karl and Ness. Not that they post. It's pretty much just me talking about myself to myself.
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4 Responses to Retail therapy of the Chanel Nail Polish kind.

  1. Wolfmama says:

    I am jealous of your awesome nails.

  2. jillsmo says:

    You are absolutely adorable. I look forward to drowning in pictures. Or… something less vulgar, because that sounded kinda vulgar, sorry.

    • kamaness says:

      I am all fluttering like a butterfly but heavier and bigger.
      Plus I don’t have wings. Am working on that though.

      Thank you. <3
      Vulgar is okay. Vulgar and I are friends.
      Don't be.

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