Brilliant idea of the baked good kind.

I had a brilliant idea.
An idea so brilliant I had to stop and amaze at the wonderment of the brilliance of the brilliant idea.

You see, I decided that I was going to make homemade fries.
Not just any fries but the same kind of fries that you get at fast food shops.
I was going to make McD fries in my very own house!

So I researched, it turns out that making your own fries takes a lot more than chopping up a bunch of potatoes and dumping them in hot oil.
Oh no.
You have to boil them in a water bath with a little bit of vinegar, fry it for a short amount of time in hot oil, freeze them and then fry them in hot oil again.
All that for a chip.

It’s Sunday NZT so I decided that today would be the perfect day to recreate the perfect fry.

There was a slight problem with this.
It is physically impossible to cook and create the perfect potato chip when you don’t have any potatoes.
A slight problem.

But I decide to go on and shelve that idea for next weekend.
I have a pretzel recipe that I have been meaning to try out for yonks and now seemed like the perfect time to make it.

Of course when I was half way making the pretzels I have this urge to eat pizza. That may or may not to be related to the pizza flyer I just saw.

Then I had another brilliant idea. Seriously, these brilliant ideas just keep on coming and coming.
I was going to bake pizza pretzels.
pretzels with pizza toppings in the middle?
Oh yes.
But what to put in the pretzels? Cheese of course. Some sort of meat – I picked low fat chicken shavings.
Just that?
It did not seem like enough.
I am all about over compensating.
So I did what I normally did.
I added chilli but wait! Not just chilli, I added oregano as well as some white pepper.
You see, fancy.

Most of the cheese and all of the meat is actually inside side of the pretzel.
Oh yeah.
More fancy.

Cheese and salt of top?
We, my friends are living the high life.

I just egg washed these.
You could if you want to, put them through a water bath or spritz water on top of it.
The purpose is to make sure the toppings stick on top and when it’s baking to have a nice golden brown colour.

A baked one!

Important! Mum, Karl and Ness gave these two thumbs up each!

Mum also told me that I am welcome to make these again.
I know! It’s serious! She also commented on how the last chocolate was so moist.
Seriously, that cake was moist as moist can be. Even eating it three days later it was still so moist.

It just occurred to me that I really ought to have taken a picture of the inside but that would require me to get off my lazy pretzeled up arse and do something.

Ugh. Something.
Ugh. Doing something.

I made pretzels, isn’t that something?

Also? Ness requested that I make a few more so that they can stick them in the lunch boxes.
So I made them slightly smaller and also made 16 instead of the estimated 6.

That didn’t stop the fact that with in the first 20 mins of them being out of the oven they were already all in people’s tummies.
Heehee! Don’tcha love it when that happens?
I know I do.

xo Mel.


About kamaness

Hi! I'm Mel. I run Kamaness with my two siblings Karl and Ness. Not that they post. It's pretty much just me talking about myself to myself.
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10 Responses to Brilliant idea of the baked good kind.

  1. jillsmo says:

    Those are the greatest looking pizza pretzels I have EVER SEEN

  2. kamaness says:

    Thank you!
    If I could send physical objects over the internet, I would so be beaming one to you right now.

  3. Wolfmama says:

    I second the above. Share the recipe perhaps? *hint* *hint*

  4. Colie says:

    Ahhhh hello? You should have advised me of your stalking ages ago so I could then commence stalking you!!! Plus, I could have made the husband make these pretzels for me!!!! Yesterday. Because I hate Subdays and I have a feeling these would have helped.

    I licked the screen. They look all kinds o’ tasty!!!!

    • kamaness says:

      But you’re all awesome and funny and wonderful and amazing.
      I’m awe of you.
      I will post the recipe up some time soon so your husband can shower you in baked goodness!
      I dislike Sundays as well. DX Mondays in particular.

      Thank you! I am all kinds of flattered!

  5. Colie says:

    Subdays? The one time my iPod doesn’t change a word for me is the one freaking time it should have.

    Sounds like I’m all stubbed up with a cold on Sunday.


    • kamaness says:

      Ack! That is okay, I still know what you mean.
      My spelling is creative at best.

      Sundays? Worse day to have a cold particularly if it magically disappears by Monday. DX


  6. Geok Chunn says:

    I was going to bake cinnamon rollS but after looking at the gorgeous pretzels… I’ve changed my mind! WHERE IS THE RECIPE????!!!

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