Bigger than the yellow pages.

Last year I had the mother of all text books.
The text-book? Was bigger than the yellow pages.
It wasn’t hard covered and it was one of the most annoying books to carry around.
It was for chemistry.

For this trimester I don’t actually have a lot of text books at all.
I even bought the recommended text-book because simply it didn’t feel like I had enough to carry around. (Gasp!)
Granted, I got it at the second-hand book sale that is currently running.
Plus, it only cost me $20!
Compared to the same text-book but a later version ( version 10 vs. 11), I saved about $60.
If the version 11 was $80 second-hand, I really do shudder about what the full price might have been.

<- My three text books. This does not include the textbook I still have to buy that is half the size of the chinese one or smaller.

In fact I would only have to spend $50 on text books this trimester. Which is crazy.

The government has granted me $1000 to spend on text books and the like.
I already have two out of the four (or more) text books I need for the second trimester.
So hopefully, trimester two book costs will end up equally to less than $500.

Do you know what this means?
Are you sure?
No, I’m not going to spend the goverment’s money on shoes.
Though, I have to admit that thought has crossed my mind.
Multiple times.
Ditto with clothes.

Shocked yet?
I’m getting new glasses!

Yay! New glasses!
You all know the story right?
I’m telling you anyway.

This was back in the time when I actually had moved out of home (when I say that, I mean I was living in a self-contained unit at the first floor of my mother’s house. I had my own mail box. I had to pay rent, power etc. I was so independent. …Yeah. Hey! Don’t give me that look. I was. Do I have to repeat I had my own mail box? Because owning your own mail box is serious, serious moving out. )
I’m rolling around on the floor with my laptop in front of me actually feeling good and productive. I had just put my sheets to the wash.
Wash wash wash! Went the washing machine. Mel squints at the fuzzy screen. Glasses? Where are glasses?
Mel stops rolling around.
Good point, where are my glasses?
Have they fallen down?
Are they in the fridge?
Being held hostage by people who don’t want her to see?
That was a viable option but then they had to sneak into the house when the chain lock was on.
Maybe they were Ninjas!
Oooooooo, that explains it.
But if they were ninjas wouldn’t they take something else?
Like fancy laptop?
…Good point. Maybe they poisoned the food?
HA! What food to poison? There is none!
Wash wash wash! The washing machine went.
Mel walks into her dinky bathroom, laundry combo.
The washing machine ignores her.
Mel stares.
And stares.
She lifts up the cover of the top loading washing machine and pokes around in there.
Hellooooo? Glasses? Are you in there? Are you still alive?
Nope, no answer.
Mel closes the lid and goes back searching the house.
The niggyling feeling persists.
Maybe the washing machine was holding out on her?
There was lots of soapy water and it’s not like you checked very well.
The washing machine beeps happily.
Hey look! I’m finished washing your sheets!
Mel, being spot on to it, opens up the washing machine again and pulls outs the sheets.
Metal glint.
Twisted frames.
Oh no! They drowned in the washing machine and they died!
How could this be?!
I called for them?!
Maybe they were knocked out?
Unable to answer and Mel unwillingly to get her hands all wet.
I’m sorry!
Glasses, you died a noble clean death.

Thus, the death of my glasses.
I’m wearing my old pair that is very out of date.
So much so, that the writing on the huge big screens in lectures is blurry.
That is not good.

So, money,  you are going to go to a good cause.
A glasses cause.
A cause to help me see.
Because if I can see, then I am less likely to fall asleep in my lectures.
Which helps me pass my courses.
I am not all super genius but the ability to see clearly would be very helpful.

On a side note, Farmers is having a massive sale on Monday including Chanel Black Pearl.
And you know what?
I might be sad and angsty but at least my nails will be gorgeous.

xo Mel.


About kamaness

Hi! I'm Mel. I run Kamaness with my two siblings Karl and Ness. Not that they post. It's pretty much just me talking about myself to myself.
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