Shop shop shop. It runs in the family.

In NZ the company that owns the chain of ‘Whitcoulls’ book stores have been reduced to go into outside administration. Not just Whitcoulls but Borders as well.
This only means one thing.
That was the important thing but there was a clause to it.
In order to redeem book vouchers you need to spend the equal amount of it.
Ie- In order to use a $20 book voucher you need to spend $40.

This is all fine and dandy for everyone but Karl.
Karl somehow made up with the lack of everyone else books vouchers by have $150. In book vouchers.
I know.
When his school gives out prizes, the prizes are generally books or book vouchers so Karl always seems to have a never-ending stream of them.

Mum has this brilliant idea that the rest of us will buy books and hopefully they would combine to equal $150, so Karl could redeem his $150 worth of books.

Cue the checkout and the total amount comes up.
Nearly $500.
Oh yes. So even with Karl’s $150 vouchers, the total still came up $300 odd.

This picture is without the books that Mum and Dad both bought. Ness didn’t buy anything, so it’s just Karl and I. You see those three books at the bottom? 100 ways to cook pasta, Figures in the silk and Gold diggers? Yeah, only those were mine.

(Also, extra picture of blurry Karl looking at me taking pictures and wondering if I’ve taken enough! Never, I have never taken enough.)

Karl doesn’t do anything half way.
This includes shopping.
Good thing for his bank balance that he doesn’t shop often.
Mostly because he has to carry Ness, Mum and mine’s shopping bags.
Speaking of shopping bags! I present – NEW DRESS!

Yay! New dress!
Yay! New dress on discount!

Total Yay for New dress dropping from $80 to $30!

I love outlet stores.

The dress is comfy.


I am so wearing this tomorrow for first day of Uni.

(…Bugger, my denial about it being the first day of Uni is not working. I miss you denial, when did it turn pear-shaped between up? )

A close up picture of the fabric. Smaller stripes and bigger stripes! Mmmmm stripes.
My hair! Strawberry brown hair! Granted, my amazing red glints have faded slightly with age. Note- must find some shampoo/hair treatment that will get them back.
The bun is actually on the side and not up the top and/or straight at the back.

That might of not been the first time I went shopping over the week.
I may have bought 6 packets of hearts.
To stick on books.
Yes, 6 whole packets of hearts.
unfortunately in the packet of hearts, there were pink ones.
The packets were incredibly small hence why I needed to buy 6 packets.

The contained packet of horrid pink ones.
Of which, I gave to Ness to use.
Last year some time in second trimester exam period I lost my pencil-case.
I have no idea where on earth I lost it but somewhere a long the way I realised it was gone.
Gone burger!
Which naturally meant that I had to buy new stationary.

I couldn’t possibly pass up the opportunity to buy new nail polish.
Mmmmmm new polish.

Speaking of new nail polish, time to put one last coat of it on my manicure!

xo Mel.


About kamaness

Hi! I'm Mel. I run Kamaness with my two siblings Karl and Ness. Not that they post. It's pretty much just me talking about myself to myself.
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2 Responses to Shop shop shop. It runs in the family.

  1. OMG, all these books! its like a dream coming true! ha ha anyway, your new dress is gorgeous :) good luck tomorrow!

  2. kamaness says:

    I know! It is!
    There might be a slight problem with I have no space to put them.
    My room might be full of other books that I bought on a whim.
    Books I haven’t read. DX

    Thank you! I really like it.
    Thank you so much, the nerves are kicking in. DX
    I feel like I should of studied /before/ Uni starts.

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