Valentines day! Almost a week late. I know, I’m a slacker BUT IT’S OKAY! I HAVE COOKIES! ..which I ate. Sorry.

This year’s valentines day was 1 part sadness, 2 parts happiness and 30 parts cookies.

It was my friends birthday. She would of been 23. Born on the day of love, chocolate, greeting cards, flowers and of chocolate cake.
Would have been.
If she wasn’t dead. If she was still breathing. If she hadn’t taken her own life.
It’s a little more than a year since –
That’s the part sadness.

The two parts happiness? I saw Boyfriend and he came over. He actually made time for me and I saw him on Valentines day.
(A dip into the past! – The Scandalous Ex Mc Panty pants never used to make time for me and always spent Valentines day working, so Boyfriend making time on Valentines day just for me is kinda a big deal in Meloworld. )

We made cookies. Quite a number of cookies hence the 30 part cookies.
BEHOLD! THE COOKIE MAKING PROCESS!Skipping the stages where you make the dough and roll it out. Actually I found out that if you roll out the dough on baking paper it beats rolling the dough out on the table and when you cut it you don’t have marks on the table!
(…….I just maybe have ruined one of Mum’s tables by baking cookies. Maybe it was pies. Anyway. She was not impressed with the giant circles that are still etched there.)

Boyfriend actually doing work and transferring the cut out cookies onto the sheet.

If you squint really hard, you can just make out the edge of a tray full of cookies just past his arm.

By the time we had finished cutting up the cookie dough –
( Boyfriend cutting up cookie dough. Mel taking pictures of it.)
Boyfriend had already picked his favourite cookie cutters.
The diamond ones and the star-shaped ones.
Why? He says that they are the easiest to cut and you can also place them close together in the dough thus maximizing dough usage.

I like the ducks the best. (The red cutter) Also I love the earless pig cutter. (The blue cutter.)
My reasoning? They are DUCKS and EARLESS PIGS! They tickle my fancy.
I would have included the dolphins into that list but they proved rather difficult to get whole. Blasted tail refused to come out of the cookie cutter! Boyfriend did manage it twice and I was reminded how much I adore him.

After you cook the cookies in the oven until they are oh so slightly golden brown, left them to cool and made up your icing. It’s time to pipe the outline.
This was my favourite step.
Note! The icing was made up of a simple Icing sugar, water and lemon juice mixture.
I find it important to add the lemon juice when making that type of icing because it
a) Helps to cut down on the over power sweetness you can achieve when mixing icing sugar and water together.
b) Makes it slightly lemony.

After you leave the icing outline to set, ‘swamp’ the remaining icing and add food colouring.

Um, ‘swamp’??
What I mean by that is adding a sufficient amount of water to the icing that it drips.
So when you lift up your spoon, there should be a line of icing dripping off it.
When I say dripping? I mean flowing.
When you put the icing on the cookies, the icing should spread slightly and be really easy to spread.

A little bit of ‘swamped’ icing goes a long, long way.

When the icing hasn’t set, add sprinkles and/or chocolate hail etc.
I prefer chocolate hail over sprinkles because it doesn’t have little gross pink things in it because it’s chocolate. Fake tasting chocolate but still chocolate like.

Two cookies side by side.
One curved, the other pointed.
Different colours, made by different hands.
Resting on dark and light.
Yet, yet.
The sprinkles are the same.
The one point of similarity is enough for one to yearn the other.

We made a lot of cookies. A LOT of cookies.
Two whole tray full.

Enough to take a decent amount back to Boyfriend’s place after we/I had munched on them, packed some for Siblings & Mum’s lunch  and still have a decent amount left over.
That is a lot of cookies.
Thank goodness that the cookies turned out okay, I can’t say the same for the Quiche.

My beautiful cheesy sausage filled Quiche was SOGGY!
I do have a theory as to why the Quiche went soggy. I believe it is because I cooked the sausages in with the onions on low heat. The sausages ‘sweated’. My beautiful Quiche wouldn’t have suffered the soggy cruel fate if I had oven baked the sausages, cut them up and added them when one would typically add the cheese.

Boyfriend staring at me. You can just hear his thoughts.
“Mel, the Quiche is fine.”
“No, really, the Quiche is fine.”
“Please stop freaking out.”
“Why are you taking another picture of me?”
“Haven’t you taken enough pictures of me today?”
“Mel, the Quiche, really is fine!”

(Psssst darling, I still don’t believe you. The soggy Quiche? Is dead to me.)

You see those beauts up there? I could not resist inserting another photo of them.
There is exciting news!
You see, Mum took them to work and shared them with some of her coworkers.
One of the coworkers is having some sort of a office party.
Everyone has to bring a food item.
The coworker inquired if I would be willing to bake a batch of those cookies for her to take! She is willing to pay!


…..I might have created a love tale in my mind using some of the cookies. I may have taken some pictures of the said cookies and created the title of the story.
I may of already started to write it.


xo Mel.


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3 Responses to Valentines day! Almost a week late. I know, I’m a slacker BUT IT’S OKAY! I HAVE COOKIES! ..which I ate. Sorry.

  1. Syill says:

    Those cookies look so cuuute! We need to do another baking day *nodnod*

  2. kamaness says:

    They were really fun to make. I really really really want the science beaker and atom cookie cutters though.
    Yep! We do!
    Anything in particular you want to make?
    I have a list somewhere, some place. It has stuff like candycanes on it.

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