CHOCOLATE MILK can go die.

Okay. Well, today was the first (half) day of the year for college/high school.

Chocolate milk…  I don’t want to hear that name again.

It’s karma.  I’m telling you.  (Karma…ness! Kama… ness! Geddit??  :D :D so exciting)


Woke up insanely early due to interesting radio. ALSO due to the receiving of a text which sounded remarkably similar like an alarm.

Got ready, put stuff in bag.
Got to school at 10.14 . Whew! Almost late.
Finished assembly, went to class.
In the middle of class, what just so has to happen?

My chocolate milk.  Rips.
Unsuspecting, I move and fidget.


Whilst my chocolate milk is seeping through my skirt.
Feel for my phone in my bag and all of a sudden my hand is covered in sticky wet brown…stuff.


Walk out of the room clutching my skirt, looking suspiciously like I have wet myself.
I run to the bathroom. (The teacher was not impressed.)

I inspect my phone. HALF of the screen is now hidden because of a certain swirling brown substance.(Seriously, how on earth did it manage to get in there?!)

Some random girl turns and stares.

I then inspect my: Wallet.  It is drenched. My CARDS ARE DRENCHED.
My life is drenched in chocolate milk.

I inspect my:
-Timetable.  Shite. I just got that.
-Sports registration: Looking a little too brown..   Didn’t need it anyways.

Head to the bin. Drop stuff.
AHH crap. People are coming.
Quickly mop up puddles of milk.
Wash my bag. Grab  skirt, stick it in the sink and then furiously rub.
Trip over on the way out.
And the WORST THING in the WORLD?  There is no chocolate milk left to drink. Not a single drop.

So depressing. So terrifying. I am mortified for life.
And thats when I realised.  Yesterday I drank chocolate milk I wasn’t meant to drink.

This was karma.  This was…         REVENGE.

But then I went to burgerking and got a free burger.

So exciting! So jubilant and joyous! Free burger!!  Free! Burger!  OM NOM NOM NOM

:D love from NESS :D


About kamaness

Hi! I'm Mel. I run Kamaness with my two siblings Karl and Ness. Not that they post. It's pretty much just me talking about myself to myself.
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