The sun? Is called Jeff. This is a fact.

Today the weather was playing nicely.
I was going to be two hours late at arriving at boyfriend’s place.
The bus was going at a speed would make a static eggplant look fast.
The sun was shining.
Shiny shiny shiny sun.
It makes me all floppy and sleepy.
This has its pros and cons.
Pro- I get more sleep.
Con- I can not study in the sun because then I fall asleep.
Pro- I get all warm.
Con- I over heat.
Pro- I named the sun Jeff, it just seemed like the right thing to call the sun and I think it needed a new name.
Con- People think I am even more crazy than before.
Pro- I get more relaxed.
Con- I collapse into a unresponsive heap.
Pro- I love to sun bath.
Con- Boyfriend tries and pulls me away from my beloved Jeff-bathing because I stop responding.

The sun is shining all happy like and I am sleepy.
Oh, another thing.
I have noticed that when I am walking towards Boyfriend’s place guys in white vans really like to wolf whistle.
Really really like to wolf whistle.

Then I reached Boyfriend place and I saw something that made me bring out my notebook and start scribbling.

Today is a momentous day.

I like being organised. Even when it seems like it is just simply chaos. Trust me, my chaos? Is organised. To me there is a system.
I love systems.

So when Boyfriend finally pulls out a brand new spanking wallet, I am all excited.
Happy feeling is expanded!
Because before? Boyfriend did not have a wallet. Just a bunch of cards, notes and coins he used to carry around.
The thought of it made me cross my eyes. I can not imagine it.
My wallet? Looks like this –

Not too bad you think! Looks a little bit full but nothing unusual. (Apart from maybe the pokemon card. What? Eevee is one of my favourites.)

……. Here is your illusions, now picture me shattering it.

All of that stuff fits comfortably in my wallet. The pile of white papers on the very top right? Those are receipts.

(So Ness got confused. I carry receipts AND recipes in my wallet. At the same time. Yes, I just said that. OOOOOOOOO. I know right?)

Yes, yes I do carry recipes in my wallet.
Mmmmmmm. I forgot I had that gingerbread recipe.
Do you think it’s too late to make a gingerbread house?

ALSO- We ran out of flour in the house!! AAAAAAH!!
How on earth can I bake stuff without flour?!

Time to find a flourless pastry recipe?
I am doomed.

xo Mel


About kamaness

Hi! I'm Mel. I run Kamaness with my two siblings Karl and Ness. Not that they post. It's pretty much just me talking about myself to myself.
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