Sticking your feet in the water plus! a free flowchart!

I quite like beaches.
On one condition.
I do not get sticky.
The beach? Is best viewed from the car. No need to get wet at all.
Huh? You say, how on earth can you go to a beach and not go into the water?! At the very least dip your toes in!*

To that I say nothing.
I have a flowchart.
Naturally it is inside of my mind but considering that none of you are mind readers you are not privy to it.**
So I have written a flow chart for you.

Yes. This is what is running through my head when I am making choices about the prospect of getting sticky.
I do love my flow charts.
(Uses of the flow chart after the jump!)

This is my favourite picture of me from the trip. There wasn’t an awful lot of pictures of me (Can you believe that?!) but that was mostly because I was the one that was snapping the pictures or cooking. One or the other.

One of Karl’s friends – Scott- trying to get me wet. What nerve. Mel in the ocean? Oh no. Definatly no. Refer to the flow chart above. I didn’t have my bathing suit under my clothes.

I did however get my feet wet. I regretted that. The sticky feeling was mildly annoying.

To distract my mind from the sticking feeling that was encompassing my mind, I built a sandcastle. If there is one thing that I will always be willing to get dirty for it is to build a sand castle.

Dad took this picture of mid way through building the sand castle.

Sometime later – SAAAAAAAAND CASTLE! With seashells. Hohohoho.

Sand castle watching the sunset. Isn’t that a nice calm picture? None of this running around in the sand getting dirty and sticky business.

Thoes look like Ness’s shoes! But where is Ness? Her shoes are all alone! And it’s not like you can count on Mel to watch over them, she is busy making sand castles.

Ness is doing the things that Mel is trying to avoid. Getting wet wet wet. The boys spotted a blue tennis ball on the ground and so here they are playing a game of catch the ball or something. I’m not entirely sure, I wasn’t paying attention.

In the end Dad still let them get into the car. I wouldn’t have let them not with all of their dripping sea water everywhere and leaving sand particles in their wake. Of course it wasn’t up to me, it isn’t my car and as we fully well know I can’t drive.

As it turns out I was the first on to use the shower. Kufufufufu. Ah, I love it when that happens.

xo Mel.

*This is what Karl’s friend Scott said to me when I was very reluctant to leave the cabin.

**I KNOW YOU EXIST. YOU CAN NOT FOOL ME. You, you Mind Reader Person you, are the reasons why whenever I type out my password/pin number I am saying BLAHBLAHBLAH in my mind. You may fool everyone else but I know you are out there somewhere and I’m onto you!


About kamaness

Hi! I'm Mel. I run Kamaness with my two siblings Karl and Ness. Not that they post. It's pretty much just me talking about myself to myself.
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