AWESOME. Do I not need to explain and miss out on writing a long awesomely awesome entry title? Oh god no. Let the writing commence!

Yesterday was an AWESOME DAY. A W E S O M E.
Awesomely awesome. So awesome that its awesome is awesome.
Why it was so awesome you ask?



So I trampled off to borders to pick it up.
Then swung by Uni to pick up Boyfriend.**

Boyfriend and I then walk down an endless array of hills. They just kept on coming. I had no idea where they keep coming from!
At the bottom of the hill(s) we found a concert! So we stayed, curled up and listened to the music. I keep on slipping down the slope. My arse is slippery which makes no sense because of the fact that is juts out.

After the concert finished Boyfriend then indulged my whim to go on the flying fox in the middle of the night! Huzzarh!

Okay, so enough of saying how freakishly awesome my boyfriend is. (A boyfriend who not only indulged my whim but joined me on the flying fox and pulled me back up to the start when I got stuck in the middle every single time? Awesome. Purely awesome. )

Back on to the other love of my life. DUNDUNDUUUUN~
What cake you ask? Well. Now that I have the awesomely awesome cake book I have delved into three-layered cakes.

This is awesome for the following reasons –

  1. It is a cake.
  2. It has three layers.
  3. A three-layered freaking cake.
  4. A legitimate excuse to use frosting.
  5. I love frosting.
  6. Three layered cake needs a lot of frosting.
  7. It is a three-layered cake with filling and frosting.
  8. Did I mention to THREE LAYERS?!

The cake that I baked today is an Angel cake with a custard filling and a (slightly) lemon/white chocolate buttercream frosting.

….We might have started to munch on it before I realised that I hadn’t taken pictures yet.

Excuse my bad piping/spreading skills. They are still in a work in progress.

This is good news though, this means that I have to bake more cakes, whip more icing and go crazy on the piping.
You get said pictures of it! Huzzarh!

I actually found out when I was piping the icing that small unmelted chunks of white chocolate was blocking the piping tip. Which I naturally found out after I finished piping.

The inside! See! Three layers! Omnomnomnom.

A beauty shot really.

…There might not be baking for a while (or if there is, it will be the butterless, eggless, milkless chocolate cake.). I take full blame for that. The cake itself used 6 eggs. Another two were wasted aka I accidentally tipped the bowl into the sink and another two to replace the first two I wasted. In total 10 eggs were used today.
Haha..ha..ha. I love you Mum. >________<;; pleasedon’tkillme. I made you cake?
[insert winning smile here][/insert]

…..I might have used most of the milk as well. We’ll ignore that. See? Ignored. Wasn’t that easy! I feel better.

Time to go work out and get abs.
No more jiggly stomach for Mel!
That would also be another awesome thing that I would add to my list of awesome things.

xo Mel.

*This may or may not be true.
** I can’t actually pick him up. I can but only a few centimeters. I certainly can’t swing him over my shoulder. …..I could try if you wanted me too.

PS- The concert + picking up the book was yesterday. The baking of the cake was today.


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Hi! I'm Mel. I run Kamaness with my two siblings Karl and Ness. Not that they post. It's pretty much just me talking about myself to myself.
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2 Responses to AWESOME. Do I not need to explain and miss out on writing a long awesomely awesome entry title? Oh god no. Let the writing commence!

  1. kris says:

    OK, first?

    What is a “flying fox” and how does one go on it?

    And second (and much more importantly) . . . I want this cake badly.

    Very badly.


    • kamaness says:

      (There is more squeeing btw. Just thought you should know. You /came/. Thankyou! There might be an impromtu dance of happiness.)

      Basically you sit on a t-bar contraption and whiz down the length of the cable at somewhat high speeds. There is a buffer at the end of the rope that causes to swing upwards then back down. Generally the momentum carries you to about half way back up the length of the rope then you need to hop off and walk.

      I shall send it to you!
      If you do not received it in the mail? Customs has eaten your cake.

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