The pink ones? Not my idea. AKA Baking day with Syill!

I dislike pink.
Light pink?
It does not exist.
It is dead to me.

So when Syill pouts at me and wants to make light pink macarons, you know that I love her a lot and she’s one of my very best friends.

The colour that is dead to me – coloured macarons. Notice the feet. I love the feet. The feet almost make up for the colour of them. Almost. Almost.

You remember those Zucchini cupcakes I made in the other post with the icing? Yep! I used that as the macaron filling. Turns out that caramel icing and strawberry macarons together are a bit too sweet to mum some people.

Mini macarons! I would like to take credit for it but alas it was Syill’s idea. I shall just have to settle for being there and piping them.

The yellow ones are butterscotch with a dark chocolate filling. I just think of bumblebees whenever I see them. Actually, I would have been shocked if we didn’t make yellow macarons. It’s her favourite colour. It also makes her easy to shop for. Just pick up a non tacky, cute item and make sure it’s in yellow. (You know what I should do? Make her a ridiculous yellow iced cake for her birthday.)

I taking a photo of Syill taking a photo. Somehow that really really amuses me.

And this whole entire time Ness was on her laptop.  Karl was either playing guitar hero in my stead whilst I took a phone call or watching anime over Ness’s shoulder.

Here is a cat that you haven’t seen before! (Ignoring the fact that she is in the above picture.) Her name is Smudgy. Really we should have named her Dribble. She dribbles a lot. In case anyone is wondering Smudgy is the family cat. (Shared custody between Karl and my father. A father who conned my then 3-year-old brother into signing shared custody of a cat I’m not even sure Karl knew which cat dad was pointing at.) Bally is solely Mel’s.

There is also a particular reason as to why mum said yes to letting Syill stay the night. This would ensure that I would actually clean my room and have it somewhat tidy.

Of course ‘tidying’ my room means picking everything off the floor and putting it away in a box. I am one of those lazy people.


Whef. I made another who-knows-many-batches of Zucchini cupcakes. I asked Ness if she liked the icing that I put on them last and she told me that the icing was a bit too buttery. I naturally assumed that, that meant that she didn’t like the icing, so I made a different batch of icing. Icing, which is grossly sweet. (My warning should have been the 4 cups of icing sugar.) Icing that also over powers the cupcake if I do my lovely swirly pattern.

It is very sighful.

I also made another yoghurt cake and this one I promise I followed to the recipe and didn’t change it.
Pictures will be up sometime today/tomorrow.

It’s Karl’s birthday on Monday!
You ask what his big sister is going to get him?
I’m baking him the cake duh.
Karl is very boring with his cake choices. Just chocolate chip.
I wanted to make a 3 tiered extravaganza!
It is not the case.
I am woefully sighing. Picturing it? Good.

xo Mel.



About kamaness

Hi! I'm Mel. I run Kamaness with my two siblings Karl and Ness. Not that they post. It's pretty much just me talking about myself to myself.
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