Lego Madness!

Cyclones!  We had one today…(more like fail rain.) Yeah right, weather man.

Lego time was upon us. :)


<3  teehee

Daddy Draco returning home from work armed with light saber, dressed as Obi Wan  Kinobi. Harry Housewife doesn’t know. o.O

Hawwy Housewife waiting for Dwakey. Daddy Draco arrives home.

Draco and Harry sharing a moment here…  taking time to smell the roses. <3

Hawwy was tired from all the housework and took a nap upstairs: —->

Draco on Facebook cheating on Harry with RONNIEKINS!!.

<– Caught in the act.

Draco about to hop in the bath. Yes, in his Slytherin uniform. No peeking.

(Notice the lovely zebra/turqoise bath decor? Harry’s suggestion. )

Harry popping into the toilet.

Automatic door opens.

Close up of Harry um…  yes.
Automatic door closes.

“Stop following me!” -Draco.
Harry Housewife’s cooking is terrible. Draco attempts accidental falling- Harry saves him!

Daddy Draco decides homicide is easier than living with horrible Harry Housewife!

All is well again- or so it seems.

Draco is crossdressing? (as Harry) While Harry is unconscious.


The fighting is over.    —->

Harry is ecstatic! Draco is holding his hand.

Draco is ecstatic! Harry doesn’t know about his um…   cross dressingness.

Draco leaves for work :'(

Hawwy stalks from afar.

Hopeless Harry got a little too close.

Draco contemplates accidental murder.

LOL. Well that was fun.

– ness.

Part next here


About kamaness

Hi! I'm Mel. I run Kamaness with my two siblings Karl and Ness. Not that they post. It's pretty much just me talking about myself to myself.
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