I’m so cool + being me f!cking sucks.

Lol. Nawt. I just said that so you would read this.

Anyway, I lost my phone today. It’s out of battery so I can’t call it either.

I also lost my wallet…  somewhere. As well as that I somehow managed to get mum’s phone stuck deep down, inside the gap behind the car’s coffee holder.

They had to unscrew the whole freaking thing.

Things are looking pretty sh!t today.

On the..  brighter side, I only had about 5 bucks in my wallet and about 3 bucks on my eftpos, so nothing much to lose…

…That’s probs cause i’m always broke.

I am such a pessimist.

My wallet has been left in various shops and lost in town far too much. Thank god for New Zealandness.

It’s actually quite surprising my phone has lasted this long, (though still searching for it) as it has been dropped in the toilet (then rewashed in the sink), accidentally dropped on hard surfaces e.g concrete an average of craploads a day, has been purposely thrown across the room and fallen…  too much. I swear I spend way too much time putting the battery back inside of the damn thing. I also call to check where it is about 5 times a day, have lost it in town, peoples’ houses, my house, the car, other peoples’ cars, public transport etc …

I am also currently on my 5th D.S.

1st- was stolen

2nd- was dropped in the toilet,  then short circuited so much one day it simply refused to on.

3rd-  (Pre owned as mum and dad got a bit sick of me losing ’em) Screwed up as soon as I turned it on.

4th- Left at the airport once, and then eventually traded it in with 2 games so I could get a brand new D.S. (My 4th screwed up and continuously froze due to pro dropping skills, usually accompanied with swearing)

Currently on my 5th. Trust me, it has tried to escape my clutches too.

I know. F!ck, aye.

This is a slightly depressing post..   So here’s some happiness.

oh shit. apparently I left my wallet in a WAIKANAE gas station. Which is an HOUR away from Wellington. =_= BUH BYE!!!!  :) :////


About kamaness

Hi! I'm Mel. I run Kamaness with my two siblings Karl and Ness. Not that they post. It's pretty much just me talking about myself to myself.
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