Of Superheros. (Clothing and image heavy.)

There is a lot to say with living with two very willful sisters.
It takes a lot of effort and quite often you are bent to their will.
There are by nature some unpleasant suprises and an awful lot of shopping that you get dragged along to.

One of the lastest unpleasant suprises that Karl has to suffer through as of late, is being the Camera Man of photoshoots. Quite often this duty usually involves being jarred into consciousness by the said willful sisters, (Even if it was 12:20pm and mum has a rule that we can’t sleep in past midday.) being forced outside and stand around shooting pictures. Oh woe is Karl. (I, Mel is laughing at this.)

Case and point. Mel being evil and tickling his feet to wake him up not to mention trying to steal his blankets? No, never! (…heeheehee.)

It’s a Plane! Not! It’s a bird! No, hangon wait, it’s neither of them. It’s a lime green bathrobe type thing. Who on earth would wear such a thing and yeghast! Outside?!

CHANCHAAANG! Mel would. Ness would too but only if it’s Banana slugs yellow. Also, note Mel’s glowing green eyes. I told you she wasn’t human. (SUPER VILLIAN!)

I feel distinctly superhero like. I being Mel. Perhaps that is my calling in life! It’s not to explode things, though there is a fair bit of that in the Saving of the World, it’s to be a super hero! Actually, being a super Villain would be more fun. Much more exploding things. Isn’t there someone that is green with letters already? Oh yes, the Riddler from Batman. Damn you Riddler from taking away my job! It’s my calling I tell you! MY CALLING!

See? I am all innocent and the like. Noone would ever expect me, Mel to be a SUPER VILLIAN! to be evil and all super villian like. (Ness was trying to pull a sad face, obviously she is not as good as pretending to be innocent as I am.) Actually, they might. Damn.

But watch out! I am all SUPER VILLIAN over here! Can you feel the Villian-ness emitting off on me? Ness sure can! She is gasping in horror at how astoundaingly evil I am!

I’m not sure if Ness would make a good Damsel in distress though. I shall have to look into it. Oh wait! I’ll need a hero first.


Do you think I can order one of them from Ebay?

See look! I already have Ness on the floor like they do in the movies where the Damsel in distress is tied to the train tracks and the train is fast approaching, only we have no train running through our garage and I don’t think mum would like it very much if we somehow manage to get one. …I would be a rather cowering Super Villian then. Not so super either. D:

What I did not expect was Nessa to sit up and cling to my legs.

I was unprepared! So I might of flailed a bit and landed on my arse.

This really really amused Karl and Ness.

Ness further doing things that cement her role as not being the damsel in distress. For the record that is a yellow flower she is putting in her mouth.

I take the only role that is left open to me. Being a Tree. All in the grand effort to get away from Ness and her disgusting bacteria ridden who on earth knows what sort of dirt, bugs, chemicals, things are on the flower and she is trying to eat it – ways.

Ness also tried to be a tree or tries to seduce a tree. I couldn’t figure out which. It was one of the two. Personally I’m leaning towards the seducing, but hey, which ever one you like better.

More tree/wood/pole seducing by Ness. Done on the same day. (Do you see now why I was leaning more towards the seducing?)

This right here? Another prime example of a tree seducing face. My sister, the tree seducer. I am so proud. Sniff.

(Or that’s the angry face she is going to give me once she finds out that I’ve been blogging about her and her seducing tree ways. Hahaha, love you Ness. [insert shifty eyes][/insert] )

Tree seducer and Super Villian unite!

Fine, fine, no uniting of the Super Villian and the Tree Seducer.
I shall be a Super Villian all by my lonesome self.
Oh woe is me.

xo Mel.
(BTW! If you’ve made it to the very end of this post – YOU’RE AMAZING! Give your self a one armed hug or better yet, get someone else to hug you ! Because, you’re amazing.)


About kamaness

Hi! I'm Mel. I run Kamaness with my two siblings Karl and Ness. Not that they post. It's pretty much just me talking about myself to myself.
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