Ever closer. Macarons pt …???

With Christmas day looming ever closer, it was time to shut myself into the kitchen and bake. Seriously bake.

So I did.

There was some side effects that didn’t factor into my mind that would happen. My family complaining was the one I didn’t foresee. As soon as they saw that I was making yet another batch of macarons you could quite clearly see that there was a internal groan of “OH GOD. MOOORE MACARONS?!” Yes, more macarons my own face would reply back to them in kind.

Another reason for the lack of posts on the macaron front is because the camera battery died and we only recently ie dad found the charger.
(Not to mention that when ever I asked to borrow Ness’s camera there was a resounding “You want to take more pictures of macarons?!” )

I am however very pleased to announce that I have more or less have macaron making down pat. There is still a slight hiccup where I am getting them cracking on the top but I’m working to elimating that with more tray rotations. My oven, like all great ovens has it’s quirks and one of them is that one side of the oven is hotter than the other. Irrating but fixable.

This is basically the stage where I have gotten to. I constantly produce macarons that actually look like macarons! This is no way the most swoonworthy macaron that I have produced but I packed it away to chill somewhere in the fridge.

Three of the failures. Actually the very left one reminds me of snails. My mixture was too thick and on the other two the oven temperature was set a bit too high.

Armed now with the knowledge of what macaron batter should look like and what’s the sweet spot of my oven, I set out to bake pandan macarons.

Mmmmmm yum. Pandan. <3
Pandan is a extract from pandan leaves, it’s usually found in the south asian, places like Malaysia.

Pandan chiffon cake it usually what pandan is famous and used for. I’ve eaten countless pandan cakes just by my self.

All of the boxes of macarons maturing in the fridge. Just waiting for the icing to set and hardern then I’ll put these darlings into packaging.

Just one more batch of macarons to bake. Just one more. Oh and also a carrot cake.

A quick note, there might be a lack of posts from the 25th onwards for roughly about a week. We are going up north to spend christmas at my Grandparent’s place and shockhorror! They only have dialup there. Dial up!

xo Mel.


About kamaness

Hi! I'm Mel. I run Kamaness with my two siblings Karl and Ness. Not that they post. It's pretty much just me talking about myself to myself.
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